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selling websites to students

selling websites to students

selling websites to CHIROPRACTORS


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Chiropractic Websites Of The Future

We offer exponentially more value, for less cost to you, than any other chiropractic website company out there!

If you are a chiropractor, then you already know that too much of your time is spent running the business (marketing and prospecting to clients) instead of treating patients. This is probably not what you imagined doing when you decided to become a chiropractor. Unfortunately many chiropractors face the same problems, and are not sure about how to overcome this issue. However, there is a very simple method to ensure that you get all the clients you can handle, without doing all the grunt marketing work that you currently have to undertake. Imagine being able to focus on just treating your patients, and ensuring that you give them the best possible care, leading to satisfied (and long term) clients. If that sounds appealing to you, then read on to discover how to implement a simple system in your business that can attract clients on autopilot.


Before going into that, let’s just recap the reasons and the motivation behind getting into the profession in the first place. Most doctors want to be the trusted professional who helps people to overcome their issues. They want some diversity in the symptoms they deal with (not just treating lower back pain all day long), but dealing with a range of health concerns. Finally, they want to be the doctor that people recommend to their family and friends above all others in the profession. Of course, with years of training and qualifications (and the professionalism you have), you also want to build a profitable business – something that rewards you for the years of effort. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, this is where most doctors get tripped up, and this is where the dream begins to disintegrate. The cold hard truth is that most doctors are never taught the business side of the profession, and they therefore waste lots of time and money on marketing campaigns that simply don’t make them any return on investment. Maybe you have made the same mistakes? If you have spent money on radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, internet services, SEO services, and even professional marketing teams, then you know that none of those things really work.


Look, you also need to factor in the costs of your schooling (hundreds of thousands), equipment for your office, systems, rent for your office space, and the monthly payments on utilities, internet, phones, support, office supplies and so on. Most rent is between $1000-$5000 per month. That’s at least another $12,000 per year (as a minimum). The point here is that everything for a doctor costs more than you think. And, when it comes to generating clients for your practice, you are going to spend even more money. You do have a few options (as noted above), but these all cost a lot of money (think about SEO companies, or pay-per-click advertising). OK, so what is the better option than all those things listed above? The best way ensure that you will generate long term clients is to build an online empire of your own chiropractic websites. In other words, get your practice to rank on the first page of Google, and to dominate keywords in your area. When you are able to show up for all related searches, you can be sure clients will find you. In fact, you will get so many leads, calls, emails and visits, that you will soon be booked solid. And that means you can finally focus on treating your patients, instead of wasting precious time dealing with marketing companies, newspapers, TV shows and SEO firms.


Here is how you can accomplish this: You first need to own your own website, and make it the most compelling online. You should also own all of the links that flow to your website to ensure they can never be removed or taken down. This will ensure that you can take over page one in Google. The best way is do this yourself, so that you have control over it. Or you can hire out pieces of it (but control the central plan) to get it built faster, control the results and save money. This will remove your competition as they will not be able to compete with you on this scale. The great things is that you can then be in front of the people who are searching Google for a chiropractor in your area. You need to be on the first page of Google, as people never look past the first page. Think about it: just one patient that you sign up will pay for the websites and the SEO costs. Remember this is long term strategy that you have complete control over. It will never be taken away from you.


If you want to dominate Google and your competition, to ensure that you get a steady flow of clients, then find out more about the solution given above by reading more on this site   Every year I teach, I continually get clearer about how to reach my students in the most effective way. Instead of more and more information, I actually have gone the opposite direction. Master the basics, make it as easy to understand as possible, and help them apply it the next day in the office. The internet marketing, SEO, Practice Building, & practice Building information I would like to teach you would be like going to school all over again. In fact people do go to school for years to learn everything I think you need to know. On this site and in the members section for my customers I do provide this education. For now this is the first level of decisions you are going to have to make: We will start out with 4 basic options. Just remember there will be more decisions to make and things to consider for the level of complexity you want, and the level of customization you are looking for.

  1. Students Get Started Early
  2. Premium Full Featured Chiropractic Websites
  3. Crush your Competition Online SEO Services Provided by us
  4. Order the Book: Learn how to crush your competition online and do it on your own or hire pieces of the work out.



Space is limited for one on one coaching. I am still in full time practice as a chiropractor and Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology. If you want our comprehensive website hosting and team of SEO experts to help you, you will always be given the time you deserve in the order that people sign up for our services. So don’t wait, or you will have to! The time is now. THE BEST OPTION when you consider all of the factors together is building an ONLINE EMPIRE for your own site. Read more here. Let a little SEO and social media marketing build your practice for you The book will show you exactly how to do it yourself the right way! If you would like to read more about my chiropractic website reviews you can click here.